I Coughed All the Time Before I Switched to A Clean Cigarette

And you know as a smoker you go out in the cold time and you do any kind of work and you start to cough and it’s just like needles in your chest. I ran it for a good, long time. I stood up and I’m like out of breath, I’m not coughing, I’m not coughing. Oh my God honey I’m not coughing it was great. And I was like that’s how I knew it was working.

I’m Ray O’Mara from Pontiac, Michigan and this is my story.

How long did you smoke burning tobacco?

I smoked burning tobacco for about 20 years.

I was thirteen. Bad friends yeah know. Here try this, yeah know, okay cough, that sucks, I’m going to do that again.

You need to quit them things, you need to quit them things. Of course every non-smoker who is around a smoker says that. We just don’t listen. I’ve quit a couple of times, I have. Just cold turkey. I’m not spending no more money on it and just quit.

It was working pretty good, and then to bad it didn’t last longer, but hey at least I tried. You know. And somewhat succeeded. Tried the gum once, yuck, didn’t like it.

I switched to A Clean Cigarette approximately two and a half years ago and been on it ever since. A great product. Doing good, no more morning hacking.

The day it happened I kind of stumbled upon it. I wasn’t really looking to quit but I knew I needed to. My fiancé had got a small kit for me and brought it home and introduced me to it. I’m like okay I will give it a shot and I tried it. The next day I actually left my pack of cigarettes at home and just took that with me and I’ve been doing it ever since.

My fiancé loves it. I don’t stink anymore, the house does not stink. It doesn’t burn your eyes. I’d do it all over again but a lot sooner.


Welcome to the A Clean Cigarette “My Story Video Series.” These amazing testimonies are real people speaking from their heart. They are not paid or compensated in any way. If you do not smoke burning tobacco, do not even try this product. You might get hooked and we will not sell it to you. It is simply a nicotine option for burning tobacco smokers. 

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A Clean Cigarette is not an FDA-approved product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.


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