I Feel Like I Can Breathe Since Switching to A Clean Cigarette

I know that this Clean Cigarette is going to take over. I see it a lot when in restaurants and bars now. They are sitting right on the bar in front of customers.

I feel comfortable pulling my Clean Cigarette out in front of anybody you know. They have anything to say I’m all for it but I’m now smoking a tobacco cigarette.

I’m Kraig Kubik from Freeland, Michigan, and this is my story.

How long did you smoke burning tobacco?

I smoked burning tobacco for probably 30 years.

Everybody was smoking when I was younger and it was nothing to walk through a grocery store with a cigarette, be in a theatre with a cigarette, you wouldn’t go bowling without a cigarette, you wouldn’t play golf without a cigarette, you would do nothing without a cigarette. You would see Johnny Carson on TV with a cigarette. You would see Dean Martin on TV with a cigarette, it was the cool thing to do.

I really didn’t enjoy smoking burning tobacco, it was more of a habitual thing that drove me. Well for a number of years I would wake up in the morning and be very congested, and that bothered me.

You would be interested in someone, and say a nice looking female and you would talk to her and she would say you smoke? Yeah I do, well that pretty much ended that whole relationship.

Since I switched from a burning tobacco to A Clean Cigarette things have changed in my ability to breathe. The energy level has increased as far as getting up in the morning, getting my day started.

My house smells much better than it ever did.

My clothes smell better, everything is incredible, it’s noticeable.

That empowers me to keep it up. Again, not using it as often as a cigarette. The tobacco cigarette takes time out of your life, it really does.

Now I understand why I didn’t get the date. It’s extremely offensive. I haven’t had burning tobacco in two years.

I feel great.


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