I Woke Up Coughing Every Morning Until I Switched to A Clean Cigarette

When I had that elephant on my chest every morning when I woke up I was scared. I was scared that if I don’t do something, then something was obviously going to happen to me.

I’m Jamie Gillespie from Owosso, Michigan and this is my story.

How long did you smoke burning tobacco?

I smoked for 25 years .

I did stop when I was pregnant but that’s only because obviously that was a big wake up call, but I could never not stop. Never say I was a quitter never say quit because I would always start again.

Today I’m going to stop and then six hours later I start again. Or today I am going to stop and the next day I start smoking again. It’s more like insanity, doing the same thing expecting different results. It’s not working.

When I first thought about A Clean Cigarette. What made me come into the door is for approximately two weeks I was waking up from sleeping, when I woke up in the morning, I had the elephant sitting on my chest every morning, tightness, obviously had the cough and the grossness.

I finally said this is your warning. You don’t react, shame on you because I was 41 then. I wanted to live to see my kids grow up, I wanted to live to see my grandkids this is your time to change.

I remember the day specially when I came into A Clean Cigarette store. It was December 6th, 2013. I love how at A Clean Cigarette store you can try different flavors. You can try different levels until you exactly get the one that you love.

I love that I don’t smell it on my hands, I don’t smell it on my skin, my hair doesn’t smell like cigarettes. I am not taking time away from work, I am not taking any time away from myself, or anything from being productive.

When I look in the mirror I’m very proud of myself for actually the success and the achievement that I have conquered and the addiction that I have changed and rolled into something that’s a healthier more convenient and it I mean with not the smell and the disgust of it. It is amazing.


Welcome to the A Clean Cigarette “My Story Video Series.” These amazing testimonies are real people speaking from their heart. They are not paid or compensated in any way. If you do not smoke burning tobacco, do not even try this product. You might get hooked and we will not sell it to you. It is simply a nicotine option for burning tobacco smokers. 

A Clean Cigarette…SMOKERS HELPING SMOKERS since 2010.

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A Clean Cigarette is not an FDA-approved product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.


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