I Switched to A Clean Cigarette in 2015 and Haven’t Looked Back

My grandson Syler told me one day when he was about 6 years old, nanna I’m so proud of you. I’m so glad you don’t smoke those cigarette things anymore.

I’m Cyndi Ballien from Freeland, Michigan and this is my story.

How long did you smoke burning tobacco?

I smoked burning tobacco for 43 years.

I probably smoked a pack and a half a day.

Usually in the morning it would be four cigarettes in a row, a cup of coffee and four cigarettes in a row.

I loved to smoke. I loved to smoke cigarettes obviously.

I switched from burning tobacco to A Clean Cigarette not once but twice.

My step daughter Kelly was using A Clean Cigarette and she was telling me about it and I said well that’s kind of interesting maybe I’ll try that. I probably should give up smoking anyway.

We went to the mall to A Clean Cigarette kiosk.

They explained to me the different levels of nicotine that’s involved in the cartridges and there was a start up kit at the time where you could get a cartridge, some cartridges a battery and a charger, the whole thing and the clean cigarette tastes so good. They really, really do.

Then my husband and I were at a wedding reception with some friends. My clean cigarette died. And I said to my husband can you stop and get me a pack of cigarettes at the store. He said no, we will be home in ten minutes. Before we got home, my girlfriend and her husband that were in the car in front of us were involved in a car accident. It was a crazy situation. They were hurt, it was terrible.

I ran over to the store and bought me a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and that was all she wrote for five years. I smoked again for five years.

One day I decided this is just dumb. My husband has never smoked a day in his life, so he could not understand and he hated the smell, and the cost and everything.

I had two cigarettes left in the morning, it was November 5, 2015, I smoked those two cigarettes. I stopped at A Clean Cigarette on the way to work and get me a supply and haven’t smoked since. Never looked back. I am really happy with the clean cigarette.


Welcome to the A Clean Cigarette “My Story Video Series.” These amazing testimonies are real people speaking from their heart. They are not paid or compensated in any way. If you do not smoke burning tobacco, do not even try this product. You might get hooked and we will not sell it to you. It is simply a nicotine option for burning tobacco smokers. 

A Clean Cigarette…SMOKERS HELPING SMOKERS since 2010.

Make “A Clean Cigarette” your story today.

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A Clean Cigarette is not an FDA-approved product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.


  1. Jonathan Dolan

    Another great story!

  2. T

    It just goes to show: If at first you don’t succeed, try,try again>

    • Dawn

      Good rule for when we are young and great rule for us as we age. 🙂


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