100,000 Lives

Writing History: One Smoker at a Time

MyStory.One is a collection of real stories from real people who’ve made the switch away from burning tobacco.


A Message for You


We are a group of smokers who have found it impossible to give up smoking.

We’ve quit smoking…until something triggers and we start up again. Maybe you can relate?

Maybe we’re nuts, or maybe we love to tick off our doctors, nurses, family and friends.

Most likely, we’re that one-out-of-ten, super addictive personality, who lives to help others, but seldom helps ourselves. Maybe we believe everyone else is more important than we are. Many of us just want our cigarettes and to be left alone.

Have you tried the patch, the gum, pills, lozenges, inhalers, nasal spray, presriptions, behavioral therapy, hypnosis, or acupuncture…and still light up? Unlike these types of pharmaceutical smoking cessation products and holistic remedies, there is a way to still get your nicotine and enjoy the sensation of smoking without the tar, carbon monoxide, and smoke. This is found in an alternative to burning tobacco. Why not take a few minutes and watch these short videos? The good news is we have answers.

And… In God We Trust!